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    Your realtor will review offers with you and discuss how you want to proceed; accept, reject or prepare counteroffer


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    Schedule appraisals, inspections…prepare property disclosures, title reports and ensure on time close of escrow

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    Close escrow with HPZ agent, save thousands on commission, celebrate and share your experience with friends and family

    Seller FAQ section

    How much are traditional real estate fees?

    Glad you asked. The traditional answer is…it depends. Depends on what? The price of your home!

    Most homeowners (nearly 90%) who sell their home using a real estate agent pay 6% of their home price as a commission fee – with 3% going to the Sellers agent and 3% to the Buyers agent. On a $400,000* home that’s a $24,000* commission fee split between the two agents!

    How is selling with HPZ different than a traditional real estate broker?

    Can we ask you a question first? How many real estate agents or brokers do you know that list their fees on their website, brochures, business cards or anywhere?

    Transparency: We believe consumers deserve a new real estate experience with total transparency. So we list our flat-fees and full scope of service everywhere.

    The Internet has fundamentally changed how people buy and sell their homes. In the past, the Sellers agent played a major role and invested a lot of money to ensure your home was seen by potential buyers: magazine ads, distributing to local papers, answering all of the property and neighborhood questions — this process was managed manually and required more time and money to manage!

    Today, most home-buyers find their new homes on listing sites like Zillow, Redfin and Trulia. These sites and others have given home-buyers easy access to information about every home on the market — as a result, the role of the real estate agent is much easier and less expensive. But what about you, the home-owner? If agents are saving more time and money to manage the process, why shouldn’t buyers and sellers benefit too.

    Fair Pricing: That’s a great question and one we are addressing with Heroes Pay Zero. Our partners have agreed to put customers before commission by offering fair and transparent flat-fees. Our agent partners share the responsibility to inform and empower you with the knowledge and tools to get the most of your equity. We do not see the flat-fee as a discount service, we believe a transparent and fair flat-fee should be the new way for all real estate agents and brokers to support consumers full-service real estate needs.

    What does HPZ charge?

    Glad you asked. We are proud to display our Seller flat-fees:

    We will sell any home for a flat fee of $4,995*.

    Our flat-fee saves Sellers on average more than $6,000-10,000. Want to save more? Buy your new home with the same Heroes Pay Zero and get a full refund of the fee*.

    Unlike with traditional real estate, where Sellers pay ~6% of their home price in agent commissions. When you sell your home with a Heroes Pay Zero Partner agent, they only charge a low, flat-fee, plus the 2-3% Buyers agent commission (sellers decides). Curious about this Buyer Agent commission? — see the question and answer below :).

    *Certain restrictions may apply, schedule a free consultation today and learn more.

    I thought this was a revolution. Why am I still paying 3% to the Buyers Agent?

    Good question, hear us out. We agree with you! The industry is changing but it won’t change overnight. We believe in total customer empowerment.

    As a Seller, you can and should decide how much you want to compensate the buyers agent. It is recommended to offer 2-3% to ensure buyers agents are actively promoting your home. Our experience has shown that without offering a fair compensation to buyers agents, it we would significantly reduce the number of buyers a non-HPZ Buyers agent would be motivated to show your property. Rest assured, your HPZ agent with work with you to determine the right strategy for you.

    Do I have to pay anything upfront to sell my house?

    No. We only get paid if your home sale is successfully closed.

    Do I have to sign an agreement before I meet with a HPZ agent?

    No. One of our local, licensed REALTORS will meet with you at your home for your free pricing and listing consultation. No paperwork required.

      How will you market my home?

      Your home will be marketed to prospective buyers through the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), which syndicates to hundreds of online search portals, such as Zillow, Trulia, Realtor, and our site. Additionally, we provide digital advertising and social media marketing.

        What services do I get for the flat listing fee?

        You get everything a traditional real estate agent offers, plus much more. You will receive a dedicated local HPZ agent, along with a full administrative support team who will manage your sale from beginning to closing. We provide you with professional photographs, deliver a For Sale sign and lockbox to your property, coordinate all of your showings, advertise your home on the MLS and other online listing sites (Zillow, Trulia, etc.). When you receive an offer, your dedicated HPZ agent will act as your trusted advisor, negotiating on your behalf and staying aligned with your priorities.

          Who are you?

          Heroes Pay Zero is a not for profit Real Estate Network designed to connect our local heroes with committed and experienced Real Estate and Mortgage Professionals willing to assist with buying or selling property at the lowest possible cost. We are not a Real Estate or Mortgage Company.

          Are you hiring?

          Yes! Please send your resume to us at

            More questions?

            We’re here for you anytime. Feel free to give us a call at 1 (866) 699-2211