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Receive up to $20,000* in closing cost credits

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Pay NO Title, Escrow or Lender Fees


Our partners focus on you, not commissions


Customer Home Tours with a local area Realtor

*Certain rebates and credit restrictions may apply, please contact us for more details

How it works


Hire Heroes Pay ZERO Partner

Meet with a locally approved Real Estate Professional. Our Realtor partners specialize in working with Military (Active, Reserve & Veterans), Firefighters, EMS, Law Enforcement, Health Care Professionals and Teachers. Discuss the type of home you’re looking for, including style, price and location.


    Get pre-approved

    Let Sellers know you’re legit and improve your buying chances with a pre-approval letter. Determine your Heroes Pay Zero eligible rebate and choose the best mortgage loan program specific for you and your family.


    Search & tour homes

    The fun part! Your Real Estate Professional will work with you to search and schedule showings. Together, you are certain to find the perfect home, in the right location and at the right price.

    Find your new home

    Our team will help you find the right home and community that aligns with your priorities


    Make an offer and negotiate contract

    Your Real Estate Professional will prepare the purchase offer based on the price and terms you choose then work through any counter offers and execute an agreement.

    Close and get your HPZ rebates or credits!

    You and the seller have agreed to the price and terms. Open Escrow, secure loan funding, apply Heroes Pay Zero Rebates.

    Buyer FAQ section

    How is buying with Heroes Pay Zero different than a traditional real estate broker?

    Most homeowners (nearly 90%) who sell their home using a real estate agent pay between 5 or 6% of the home price as a commission fee – with 2.5 or 3% going to the Sellers agent and 2.5 or 3% to the Buyers agent. On a $400,000* home that’s about a $24,000* commission fee split between the two agents!

    At HPZ, we recognize how outrageous this commission fee is. So, when Buyers choose an HPZ partner as their agent, they collect only a Flat Fee of $4995 from seller payable at close of escrow. No up-front costs and no risk. If it doesn’t sale, you don’t pay. Use the same agent to help you buy your next home and receive a refund of $4995 at closing. Sell your home free with Heroes Pay Zero!!!

    Who pays the Buyers real estate agent?

    When a home Seller has listed their home on the MLS, they’ve agreed to pay a Buyer agent commission (BAC), typically 2.5 or 3% of the price of the home. So, the Buyer agent is compensated by this 2.5 or 3% commission fee paid out from the Seller at closing. As the Buyer, you don’t pay your agent directly out of pocket; however, you ultimately pay for it at your total home price– that’s why we offer the HPZ refund to our Buyers.

    How does the HPZ Buyer refund work?

    When a real estate agent represents a Buyer they collect a commission fee from the Seller – typically 2.5 or 3% of the home price. With HPZ partner as your Buyer agent, they collect this commission for representing you then refund up to $4,995 back to you, the Buyer. Buyers can use their HPZ refund to help with closing and loan costs.

    Some brokerage fees and lender restrictions may apply. Talk to a HPZ Agent today to discover your ZERO refund.

    Do I have to sign an agreement before I schedule a showing with a HPZ agent?


    How do I schedule a showing?

    We have many options for you to reach our team or partners. Call us at (866) 699-2211. Hit us up on the Chat below or Email us at

    What does a Buyer's real estate agent do?

    Here is a short list of how a HPZ real estate agent can help:

    • we listen to your needs and search for homes that fit your situation.
    • we provide thoughtful guidance for how much home you can afford.
    • we offer access to a team of agents ready to suggests new communities as your needs change.
    • we have connections with lenders to help with pre-approval.
    • we have connections with third-party services such as property inspectors, insurance providers, home warranty services, attorneys, etc.
    • we are hyperlocal, providing experience-based insights into the communities we call home.
    • we help structure an offer that aligns your expectations with market data.
    • we schedule and accompany you on showings serving as advisors.
    • we have REALTOR-level access to comparative pricing data for recently sold homes in the area.

    Who are you?

    Heroes Pay Zero is a not for profit Real Estate Network. We connect homeowners with local Realtors focused on you, not commission. Our partners provide a FULL SERVICE realty experience designed sell your home FAST and FREE! You serve our community, now let us serve you! We are not a Real Estate or Mortgage Company.

      Are you hiring?

      Yes! Please send your resume to us at

        More questions?

        We’re here for you anytime. Feel free to give us a call at 1 (866) 699-2211